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Awareness, Education, Relationship, Well-Being

Our schedules are subject to change due to inclement weather or workshops.

E-newspaws and Tail Flashes (schedules changes) go out regularly to announce changes .

The Events Calendar highlights workshops and and events.

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Journey’ - Workout Coach

Whoa! Getting to know you, meet and greet dog style!

Does your dog have balls? No, I don’t mean Alpha This, Alpha That kind of balls … balancing balls!. This goes beyond getting fit, being positive and having fun. It desensitizes dogs to sights, sounds, smells and “things” that they will encounter in the real world - bump in the night - BOO!

Awareness Centered Training - ACT is the foundation for potential therapy dogs too!

It is important to teach our dogs in a variety of environments and look for opportunities to introduce them to things that might other wise be scary - while pairing it with a positive association (relaxing, calming and fun).

Wear silly hats, glasses and gradually introduce gestures and movement to your dogs.

Canine Desensitization CD’s like Positively’s (Victoria Stilwell) and Through a Dog’s Ears work remarkably well to introduce your dogs to noises, while associating with positive interactions and healthy treats.

“Hey, what are you doing ... This isn’t relax time ... Get up.”  

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