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Socialization and manners (SAM) are the springboard to healthy interactions dog-to-dog, and between dogs, children and society. Visit Dog Talk Media YT to view short vignettes of dog in action. Play sessions should be short, supervised and well matched. A supervised/guided learning experience gives pups/dogs an opportunity to safely engage with others. Dogs learn self-control and  how to recognize and practice valuable body language and communications skills.    


 Socialization and Manners (SAM) All Levels

Level 2 - Moderate - 6, 1 + hour weekly sessions = $120 L-2 classes are on Tues Evening 6:30 - 7:45pm or Saturday morning 10:15-11:30am Level 3 - Challenging - 6, 1 hour+ weekly sessions = $120  Drop-ins welcome – Call or Email First = $20 or RDA Discount – Time:  Sat. 11:30 - 12:30pm

Sessions are for dog teams who have completed Levels I & 2, have specific goals, or simply want to glean their skills, enjoy training and being with their dogs. Focus is on fostering a confident relationship that is reliable under a broad range of conditions and circumstances. We combine a flow of off-leash training, dynamic sequencing, cross-training, rotation training, reverse healing, clicker training, training games and pet assisted therapy practice. Added in are more challenging distractions, distance work and discrimination.

Enjoy a two dog discount - 10% off second dog = $162

Drop-in Classes for Level 2 and 3 = $20 – Inquire before attending for dates

RDA — Rejoin Discount Advantage 10 - 20 - 30%

To give back to our dedicated teams, the Rejoin Discount Advantage (RDA) is offered after completing a

6-week session in Level 1, 2 and 3. Take your training practice to the next level whether it be for fun, gleaning your skills, practicing or adjusting attitudes.

Tune-ups are a good way to enjoy healthy connections with your dog and other dog-minded people. The dogs get excited about coming and remember their dog friends. Tails start wagging and energy is balanced.

RDA can not be paid via PayPal. We accept MC, Visa, Disc, Checks or Cash at the Sanctuary.  

RDA examples for each Level is:

Group classes are family-focused using Awareness Centered Training - ACT. Classes are small, no more then 8.  

Semi-private (2) classes can be arranged for those with particular breeds or r preferences: E-mail Dog Talk.

Classes require 3-registered teams. Otherwise, private training or Semi-Private training is an option.  

Class is designed to teach “you” how to easily integrate teaching “your dog” in daily living. Training is ongoing.

Class is not appropriate for habitual, reactive behaviors that require modification (resource guarding, aggression, biting, extreme fear and stress). Please journey to Behavior Counseling.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Behavior Coaching

Pet-Assisted Therapy

Dog Sports

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