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Canine Life Coach

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A Training and Wellness Sanctuary for Dogs and their Humans!

Awareness, Education, Relationship, Well-Being

Founder of Dog Talk & TheraPet LLC

Founder of New England Pet Partners Inc.

Founder Daily Doga Inspirations (e-newsletter on living and learning with dogs - mini-meditations)

Co-Founder - Pet Wellness Festival  

Author of Awareness Centered Training - ACT, Train Your Dog, Change Your Life and publications on canine and human     relationships, behavior and pet assisted therapy.

MA - Counseling Psychology - Antioch University

BS - Organizational Management - Leslie College

Board Certified Counselor, NBCC

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT

Registered Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance

Licensed Team Evaluator / Instructor Pet Partners Program  

Workshops/Presentations (APDT, Nashua Mediation, Hospitals, Schools): dog behavior, families and dogs and pet assisted therapy.


Member: National Board of Certified Counselors, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Yoga Alliance, Dog Writer’s Association of America, NH Non-Profits, Hudson Chamber.

On a Personal Note  …                                                 

I have loved and shared my life with dogs since I can remember. I used to study dog breeds in the back of Spiegel’s catalog, threatening my mother daily that "When I grew up, I’d get big dogs". True to my word, I have lived with big, small, 3-legged, deaf, pedigreed and mixed, along with a menagerie of other species.

My dear friend Stella, who passed away at 93, taught me, "It is a knowing that needs no words.” Dr. Jane Goodall shares in Reason for Hope, "if I had one wish it would be to see the world through their eyes (her beloved chimpanzees) if only for a moment." The late Cindy Fischer, M.Ed., TTouch Practitioner, founder of the Pet Wellness Festival and author of Pets Tell us a Story shared, "Animals  make me aware of my connectedness with others. In the big picture, we want the same thing, understanding, acceptance and love." Dr. Ian Dunbar, whose lessons I revisit often as he grows, humbly shares, “Do what you are passionate about – people will disagree, don’t get your knickers in a twist over mistakes – keeping doing it. We can train using science and with feelings.” Betty White shares, “Animals, dogs especially teach us empathy. I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.“ Many of these quotes and more are in Awareness Centered Training - ACT that has brought be almost full circle, living and learning with dogs, cats and parrots.

Interning at UpReach Therapeutic Riding, and spending time with friends who have horses, brought a whole new dimension to my thoughts on prey and predator. Because of organizations like APDT and IAABC, I’ve been fortunate to study other species like Giant Anteater’s, Dolphins, Elephants, Wolves, but not nearly as much as life gives me time for, so I sponge up every opportunity.  


Connection with dogs (teaching, pet therapy, enjoying nature) gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with others. How lucky I am to be able to make even a small difference.

 I no longer care what anyone thinks about my passion for dogs. Living and learning with dogs is my legacy, something I can give to those who want some. Not all us like the same dessert. To me, dogs are delicious. For this, I am forever grateful. For dogs, I will do whatever I can to raise awareness and educate about relationship, well-being and giving back.   

To the dogs, who my husband and I share a mutually satisfying relationship, thank you with all my heart. I will try to live up to your expectations of me being a good person, with an open mind, who will continue to learn for you and me.  

Enjoy the Journey!

To learn more … consider an e-book or soft cover of Awareness Centered Training - ACT, released in October, 2012 by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.


About Maureen - Journey to Media / Articles for Publications

To all the pets I've loved,

 To all who taught me how to live

You are always in my heart and soul,

 Not forgotten, keeping me whole ...

Living and Learning with Dogs

Enjoying  the Journey!  


The Academic Stuff, as boring as it sounds, is an accomplishment to me.  I did not get my Masters in Psychology until I was in my 40’s.

Life experience is equally important. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. I consider myself an evolving work in progress. The journey isn’t over until it is. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my life with dogs and other species ...       

Journey and me at Newfie Fun Day, a benefit for Newf Rescue. Journey looks better in my hat than I do. She sells more books too!

Journey relaxing students at the Mass School of Pharmacology.

Dogs need to enjoy interaction and crowded petting to become therapy dogs. Bring it on Agent JJ Bucket