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Awareness, Education, Relationship, Well-Being

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About the Sanctuary


24 Tenney Road

Pelham, NH  03076

A heart-centered

labor of love

The sanctuary evolved as a heart-centered labor of love with help from many dedicated people in our community and friends who share our passion. We have something unique, including long-time dedicated customers, trainers and teams involved in pet assisted therapy.  


Built in 2003 after getting tired of renting, DTAWS offers a small (2400 square feet), warm environment. The floor has been covered with red horse (or as Moe says, Yoga) flooring.

We give dogs and their families a whole approach to living and learning (awareness, balance, relationships, education and well-being). We get positive feedback. One of our favorites is from Deb Silke, “It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I was a nervous wreck until I got inside with my dog, then was told to breathe and find a safe place to relax.”   

We  have cornered a target market for like-minded clients (dogs and humans) who enjoy the intimacy of developing a happy, healthy and confident relationship with their dogs, without fear and anxiety. The goal of Awareness Centered Training - ACT is to help decrease sensory overload (society, technology, too many choices). Each dog and their person is considered an individual, although training does have some tried and true structure. Most importantly, training does not have to be PAINFUL.

We are not one-stop shopping and that's okay. The Internet and giant warehouses can help you out. We know who we are and what we want to offer: 2400 square feet of passion, creativity and a strong desire to engage with and empower people and dogs. We want to create great dog / people relationships and Registered Therapy Dog Teams who  help make a difference for others (New England Pet Partners, Inc.).

Dog, families, teams breathe, relax, get excited, learn and without pain and anxiety. There is a balance between calm and chaos, proactive and reaction. Dogs learn self-control and how to relax. Dog parents learn how to teach this with effective and positive awareness centered training.

Fully climate controlled, we are cool enough and warm enough, and have a family-holistic room for assessments.

The Sanctuary includes over 4000 square feet of secured and fenced outdoor training / exercise areas.

We are pleased that we have turned into a networking – connection place for many including the pet therapy teams of New England Pet Partners, Inc.

We are achieving our goal of making a difference for dogs and their people!