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Dogs Sports is integrated into training classes for energy balancing

 and a reward for dogs who enjoy it!

A virtual playground for higher learning, non-competitive Agility or Dog Sports is contagious fun you can share with your dog. Although agility can be a competition sport, it is as equally enjoyable for those who simply want to enjoy an enthusiastic game with their dogs!  

DS is comprised of a maze of games using obstacles that dogs maneuver (with handler guidance). The dog learns to traverse a dog-walk, negotiate a see-saw, climb an A-frame, zigzag through weave poles, slinky through tunnels, soar over a variety of challenging hurdles, cones, chairs and challenging sequences.

Dog Sports, along with your own creative games, are mentally and physically stimulating. It is a great way to balance excess energy and blow off steam in a constructive, controlled and pleasurable way.  

Dog Sports begins with an introduction to contact obstacles, teaching your dog to safely get use to cross-overs, dog walk, tire jump, climb the A-frame, weave poles, tunnels (chute and pipe) and tip the see-saw. The teams will become familiar with commonly used jumps and hurdles.

As with any training, behavioral training is integrated by positively reinforcing good behaviors and re-shaping ones we don’t enjoy. 

More challenging Sports is comprised of target training, obstacle discrimination and simple sequence set-ups for successful maneuvers. Dogs learn to serpentine weave poles and use the pause table, working at their own level of progress! Off-lead sequences will be introduced.  

Pet Therapy Training is a given at Dog Talk, in a collaborative effort with New England Pet Partners. It simply makes sense to desensitize puppies / dogs to real world sights, sounds, smells, cultures and other unfamiliar situations.  

Hey, one at a time.

Good Dog!


this can’t be training, it’s too much fun!