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With grateful appreciation, New England Pet Partners, Inc. Was chosen as one of 4 non-profit organizations by Oprah and Cover Girl for Giving Back Beautiful. Sharing our pets is a way to keep giving back for the joy they bring to us!    

Dogs, Balls and balance. Maureen is a registered yoga teacher, board certified counselor, and certified professional dog trainer and behavior coach. Stretching with Tate gives an example of desensitizing dogs to THINGS like stability balls while learning self control, balance and having fun. More available in Awareness Centered Training - ACT, available at major booksellers in E-book and Soft Cover. Visit DOG TALK MEDIA, The Learning Zone.  

Awareness Centered Training - ACT, an educational dog training book that brings peace of mind to dog parents too!

ACT offers joyful, easy training for family and potential pet therapy dogs. Integrate training into daily living and learning with dogs doing what comes naturally. ACT is available in e-book and soft cover. Like us at Facebook – and Share with friends.


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Maureen & Dt. Tate McSniff at Barnes and Noble, Awareness Centered Training book signing event. Bring a dog – it’s a magnet for success!

Did you know that Maureen has two Registered Therapy Dogs and that training classes at Dog Talk LLC integrates this into ALL FAMILY DOG TRAINING CLASSES? It makes sense. All dogs are given the opportunity to become happy, health, confident and reliable, within reason, while still being allowed to be dogs.