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Private Training, Level 1, 2 and 3 Beginnings, Moderate and Challenging

Woof! It’s different than Private Behavior Counseling

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Private Training (PT) is different from Private Counseling (PC). PT is designed for puppies, adolescents and some newly adopted dogs who need Socialization and Manners (SAM), and dog parents who need guidance. It is beneficial for people with challenges and/or those who are busy and can afford PT. PT lasts for 5, 1-hour sessions that includes personalized and customized teaching, hand-outs, Maureen’s book, Awareness Centered Training - ACT -

And (1) follow-up (email or phone).   

Private Counseling (PC) is designed for dogs who have ingrained, habitual and/or reactive behavior issues that need resolution / change / modification. It may take 2 -4 sessions or a 1-year or more of commitment. Prevention and management may be part of a continued protocol for safety.

Semi-Private Training (SPT) gives two dog teams (one handler, one dog) an opportunity to share the cost of private training sessions. Sessions are for 4 or 6 -weeks / 45-minutes per session.

4-weeks is $40 each per week = $160 each team. 6-weeks is $240 each team.

Classes are encouraged because puppies need socialization to get use to the world’s sights, sounds and smells. Continued socialization for adolescents and adult dogs can prevent a bucket of reactive behaviors like lunging, barking at unfamiliar stimuli, fear and stress. Learning self-control and balancing energy are pivotal to creating a happy, healthy and confident dog / person relationship.

Private Basic Training (Level 1, 2 or 3) are designed for the person / family unable to attend group class or prefer individual, personalized attention. An essential part of any dog's well-being and training is desensitization and socialization to other dogs, sights, sounds and smells. Dog parents are expected to provide this socialization to develop a confident, reliable relationship with their dogs in and out of class session.   

Private Training offers individualized attention. The learning experience is focused, personal and with fewer distractions than a group class. The same user / dog-friendly Awareness Centered Training is captured in 1-hour sessions at the training sanctuary.  

There is a commitment / agreement required to attend 5-sessions to provide continuity for the puppy- dog's learning experience. Owners are required to practice each week on home work assignments.


There is no refund for private in-sanctuary or on-site private training after the first session. The guarantee you receive is the expertise of an experienced, certified professional trainer / board certified counselor –  in collaboration with your  Veterinarian  and your commitment to practicing change for you and your dog.

Private Training - Sanctuary


Level 1               $480 for 5, 1-hour sessions

Level 2               $380 for 5, 1-hour sessions

Level 3               $380 for 5, 1-hour sessions

Level 1 & 2 Package Discount

$750 for 10, 1-hour sessions

Deposit required =  $250  / Balance due on Week 3.

Semi-Private Training (2-teams):  $40 / 1-hour

4-weeks / $160 each team =  $320

6-weeks / $240  each team = $480  

Families are encouraged to attend

Children must be supervised during sessions.

Socialization is strongly encouraged for all puppies and most adult well-matched dogs. A socialized dog is happy, healthy and confident dog. All dogs must be supervised - we are their advocates.  

Fees for Private Training

To register/inquire, please call 603-635-DOGS (3647)