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ACT Class and Private Fees

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The following fees for services are subject to change depending on traveling and administrative expenses.

ACT Level 1 = $180 with Hand-Outs | Book, Awareness Centered Training – ACT by Maureen Ross

ACT Level 1 = Two Dog Discount | Two Handlers | 1-book | Hand-outs = $342 (10% Discount)

DT Tail Flash - e-newsletter incentive discounts cannot be combined.

Level 2 = $120 for 6 Sessions - Visit Program Descriptions

Level 3 = $120 - I may combine L-2 & 3 teams = please inquire at

Drop-In:  $20 unless you are eligible for a discount within a 1-year time frame and have attended training at Dog Talk LLC.

Registered Pet Partner Teams, who have trained at DTAWS and passed a Team Evaluation at

New England Pet Partners, enjoy a $10 drop-in fee. To clarify email

Semi-Private - 2 registered teams – one/dog and family or individual

$140 = 4 weeks / Contractual agreement   


Private Counseling

$1.00 / minute, $50 / hour, 10% discount for seniors 65 and older and adopted dogs

Private coaching has a contractual agreement. For information regarding site evaluations or pet assisted therapy program development please visit New England Pet Partners Inc. Or call 603-635-3647.  

Private in-Sanctuary Training                             

Level 1 = $480 for 5, 1-hour sessions

Level 2 = $380 for 5, 1-hour sessions        

Level 3 = $380 for 5, 1-hour sessions                 

Please re-read the guidelines / program descriptions.

If you have been away for over a year - please fill out our Registration Form. Be well …