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Maureen stretching with Tate on stability balls, a great way to build a strong core, balance, flexibility, and desensitize dogs to THINGS! More available in Awareness Centered Training - ACT, available at major booksellers.

Awareness Centered Training - ACT, an educational dog training book that brings peace of mind to dog parents too!

ACT is available in e-book and soft cover worldwide.

ACT has been positively reviewed and recommended by the

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Latham Foundation

Animal Wellness Magazine

Pet Partners

Reading Education Assistance Dog Program

Reviews at Animal Wellness Magazine / June-July Edition 2013, Vol 15.

Latham Foundation - Spring / Summer newsletter 2013

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Health Care Professionals consistently recommend ACT for the training of potential therapy dog teams.

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Bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy.

Maureen, Tate, Jake and Sunnie - OPRAH WINFREY MAGAZINE  

Oprah Winfrey: “If you can breathe, there is more. Create your best life.” We were grateful to be chosen as 1 of 4 non-profits making a difference. New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3.

As the President of New England Pet Partners, I have had the good fortune to connect with health care facilities, universities and health and well-being events / fairs.

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Journey helping Moe exercise.

All about the relationship.