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    Training / Behavior / Education

Maureen Ross     Dr. Ian Dunbar    Dr. Pat McConnell     APDT     CCPDT     Clicker Training     Monique Charbonnier Karen Pryor

Pet-Assisted Therapy

 New England Pet Partners      Sharing our Pets     Delta Society       R.E.A.D.       Latham Foundation     NBCC    

Nutrition and Well-Being

Daily Doga     Daily Om   Pet Wellness Festival   Whole-Dog-Journal    Animal Acupressure    Reiki

TTouch NCBTMB    Pet Wellness RC     Handicapped Pets     Deaf Dogs     Truth About Pet Food

Healthy Pets LLC     Chasing our Tails     Pawsitively Yummy

Coping with Loss

Journey for Animals     Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement     Maureen Ross

Chris McNiff     Noreen Daly-Eytel     Dr. Jason Mihalko     

Veterinary Resources

Vets Near You      Holistic Vets      Dr. Dan’s  Integrative Hosp.     Rabies Challenge Fund

Shelters and Rescues

MSPCA      ARNNE     Best Friends     Greyhound Friends    Sue Sternberg     SARL

Boarding - Pet-Sitting - Grooming

Professional Pet Sitters

Dog Parks - Canine Fitness

Dog Parks

Traveling with Dogs

Pets Welcome     Pet Vacation Homes

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Dogwise     Amazon     Whole-Dog-Journal     Dog Star Daily     Animal Wellness

Body Language     Modern Dog Magazine

Pet Wellness Festival